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Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Tool Kit

This toolkit, created by the California (US) Department of Health, provides detailed resource materials to assist in effectively managing and communicating during an emergency or crisis.

The Tool Kit is specifically designed to support writing and implementing a crisis communication plan. A crisis communication plan clearly defines your goals, objectives and actions. It provides specific guidelines and instructions for communicating during emergencies

The Tool Kit offers information and techniques to assist in:

  • Updating and revising your local health department’s crisis manual and related materials
  • Customizing resources for your local health department
  • Informing and protecting the public during an emergency
  • Communicating clearly with law enforcement officials, medical providers and other officials in an emergency
  • Engaging partners/stakeholders to best support communication responses
  • Effectively coordinating with the California Department of Public Health, the California Office of Emergency Preparedness and other state and federal agencies using the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) model
  • Working with diverse populations

Source: California Department of Health

Date of Publication: July 21, 2020