Project Example

Drive Malaria Away for Goodlife

Let’s come together and drive malaria away for the GoodLife. In June 2011 BCS and ProMPT, in partnership with the National Malaria Control Programme and the Ghana Health Service, launched the new “Aha ye de” malaria campaign. “Aha ye de” means “It’s Good Here” in Twi, one of Ghana’s national languages. The campaign is designed to reposition the use of treated nets as a lifestyle decision, while at the same time preventing malaria, linking to the BCS’s overarching GoodLife campaign. The campaign seeks to increase risk perception by emphasizing the severity and threats of malaria. At the same time, the campaign empowers individuals to use malaria prevention and appropriate treatment. This flipchart is designed to be used in a clinic setting with an individual, couple, or group and provides basic information and illustrations on understanding malaria and its risks, how to treat malaria, and malaria in pregnant women.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019