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Life at the Turnoff [Radio Discussion Guide]

This discussion guide accompanies the radio series “Life at the Turnoff,” and is to be used by communities and listeners’ groups. The guide facilitates group reflection, discussion, and action after the group has listened to episodes from the radio series. Life at the Turnoff is a 26-part radio drama series from the national HIV prevention campaign Safe Love. The radio drama series was designed for a rural audience ages 30-49. The drama follows the stories of fictional Zambian characters living in a rural village and the ways HIV affects them and their community. Each 15-minute episode features health messaging combined with adventure and drama so that the lessons are fun and interesting. Using entertainment-education, the series is designed to encourage healthier behavior, especially in rural areas. The drama focuses on reducing multiple and concurrent partnerships, promoting condom use within and outside of marriage, and timely use of prevention of mother-to-child-transmission of HIV services. The radio series is designed to offer accurate information about risky behaviors and promote discussion to inspire Zambians to adopt healthier behaviors. It is also intended to offer valuable information about HIV and guide people on what they can do to prevent the spread of the disease and to support those who are HIV positive. The series was aired on national and community radio stations around the country. In a rapid survey of the Safe Love Campaign conducted in May 2012, it was shown that 66.5% of respondents were exposed to the Safe Love campaigns, 56% learned at least one message from the campaigns, 39% reported changing their sexual behavior as a result of the campaign, 91% felt that Safe Love messages were relevant for Zambians, and 93% reported that they had a positive reaction to the campaign’s messages.

Source: Chemonics

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019