Project Example

Malaria IPC Guide for Nigeria

This tool was developed to guide house-to-house Interpersonal communication .The goal is to build and sustain community support for appropriate malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment behaviours

The objectives of the guide are:

  • To create awareness and sensitize community members using pictures and demonstrations to pass malaria information to enable people to remember what the community health worker taught the
  • To intimate community members with basic knowledge of prevention, treatment and management of Malaria.
  • To promote the patronage of GF supported health facilities in the various LGAs assigned to them
  • To establish and maintain a cordial relationship between CBOs, health facilities and other key stakeholders.
  • Partnership is key. Associate with partners to be able to link beneficiaries to where commodities are available.
  • Community members are expected to have improved knowledge of Malaria.
  • Improved access to health care services in GF supported health facilities
  • Effective referral and follow-up to health facilities.
  • Community members should be able to identify early symptoms of Malaria disease and report to appropriate quarters for attention.

Source: Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019