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The purpose of the app is to help increase tuberculosis case detection and enrollment in treatment through improved screening, documentation, and referral practices in the private sector. It has the potential for rapid scale and high impact in the fight against tuberculosis.

The app was  developed to replace paper forms with a more efficient digital platform and support the reporting needs of clinical providers such as doctors and nurses, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, and patent and proprietary drug vendors. 

A few key functions are the same no matter which type of provider is using the app. The first is a simple screening checklist of symptoms. Another feature that is shared across all user types is a “My Clients” database. Through this database, providers can review records for clients that they screened, referred, or otherwise interacted with. In addition, all user types have a simple dashboard that they can use to track their facility’s cascade of care, such as the number of clients that they have screened, the clients that are presumptive, the clients that are confirmed, and the clients that have been referred on for treatment. The system comprises a more comprehensive database and dashboard, called the TB STARR Data Portal, designed to consolidate data collection and analysis across all TB STARR users for the national and state tuberculosis programs. 

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