Project Example

TCCP 2011 Baseline Survey

The objectives of the Tanzania Center for Communication Programs project are to execute evidence‐based, coordinated social and behavior change communication initiatives at scale, reinforce systems for coordinating and delivering social and behavior change communication, and transfer social and behavior change communication skills to Tanzanian institutions, organizations, and individuals. This baseline survey, conducted June to August 2011, was used to measure knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about key outcomes of interest in the health areas that will be addressed throughout the project.

Conclusions and recommendations included focusing on:

  • Men’s belief that women who use modern FP are promiscuous
  • Modern FP reduces the ability to conceive
  • Early and frequent ANC visits
  • Including men in the birthing process
  • Correct and consistent condom use

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019