Project Example

Communication for Healthy Living (CHL): Mabrouk! Initiative Family Health Pamphlet

The CHL Mabrouk! Initiative in Egypt addressed the health needs of family members at pivotal life stages through highly-rated television programs, publicized mass wedding events, and community-based components supported by policy change and service delivery quality improvement. The Mabrouk! Initiative was part of the Communication for Healthy Living (CHL) project based in Egypt from 2003-2011.

This pamphlet describes various aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. This pamphlet provides information to newlyweds about the various family planning methods available to them. CHL partners distributed 2.2 million Mabrouk booklets explaining important health information at key life events of marriage, childbirth, infant care, successful birth spacing, and child raising. Exposure to Mabrouk! messages were followed by significant increases in reproductive-health practices. Secondary analysis of DHS data shows the impact of CHL messaging: exposure to FP messages accounted for a 12 percentage-point difference in modern contraceptive method use and an 11.5 percentage-point difference in FP use after the birth of the first child.

Source: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019