Project Example

Kuwa Mjanja Project, Tanzania

Kuwa Mjanja (“Be Smart”) is a girl-powered call to action that seeks to reframe the narrative about girls, and contraception, in Tanzania. It delivers entrepreneurial skills and contraceptive counseling sessions— tailored to and branded for the unique needs of the girls we serve. Across disciplines and in partnership with girls, Kuwa Mjanja supports girls aged 15-19 to explore the role contraception plays in helping them achieve their life dreams, today. The project is managed by FHI360.

As a brand, Kuwa Mjanja is a living embodiment of respect, fun and youthfulness. Girls redefined “Kuwa Mjanja” (Be Smart). The traditional Swahili phrase was used as a euphemism for”being clean” (in reference to menstrual hygiene) and “staying away from boys.” Blending delightful branding with a redefined message, Kuwa Mjanja is disrupting the status quo, with girls driving ship.

Project materials here.

Source: FHI360

Date of Publication: July 19, 2021