Project Example

A More Equal Future: Manual to Engage Fathers to Prevent Child Marriage in India

This manual was developed as part of a collaboration between World Vision and Promundo in response to harmful societal and cultural practices that support the continuation of child marriage in India.

It was developed as a response to strong societal and cultural resistance that supports the continuation of child marriage in communities where World Vision worksand is a concrete tool to engage men as fathers andallies in women’s and girls’empowerment. With a skilled facilitator, the tool allows the provision of asafe and constructive space for men to reflect on and redefine what it means to be men and fathers in their communities.

This tool is designed to provide a safe and constructive space for men, their partners and their daughters to critically reflect on the cultural and gender norms that perpetuate the devaluation of girls and serve as obstacles to men’s participation as involved fathers.

Source: Promundo

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019