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Hulu Beteina Health Bazaars A Guide to Organizing a Hulu Beteina Health Bazaar in Schools

Hulu Beteina Health Bazaars are 2-4 hour long events designed to create opportunities for community members to learn relevant health information and access health services. The events are organized around selected schools in a community. Hulu Beteina Health Bazaars are designed to be slightly different from a typical community health fair.

The activities include fair/ carnival-like events designed to be family-friendly and open to all community members. The events are conducted in schools and serve to bring attention to health topics and services available to members of the community. Ideally, the Hulu Beteina Health Bazaars would coincide with already ongoing health days in communities where such events already exist.

The guide also includes annexes such as a sample of a detailed agenda, a materials checklist, talking points for the events speeches, and a message guide for the drama skit and gender activity. Remember that these are samples to help school coordinators and community organizers get started. The samples can and should be adapted by the organizers and communities to suit local needs.

Source: Communication for Health Ethiopia

Date of Publication: July 19, 2021