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Suaahara II Program Brochure

The USAID Suaahara II “Good Nutrition” program (2016-2021) aims to improve the nutritional status of women and children in 40 districts of Nepal. This will be achieved through partnerships with the Government of Nepal (GoN), private sector entities, and other USAID-funded initiatives.

Suaahara II is dedicated to improving the health and nutrition of mothers and their children in the 1000 days’ period from conception until a child reaches 24 months of age. This period is recognized as a crucial timeframe during which nutritional interventions have optimal impact on child growth and development. Suaahara II will also engage men, mothers-in-law, and adolescents to expand health and nutrition knowledge and services. In particular, the program will address anemia, reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, food diversity, health service utilization and social attitudes towards delayed marriage and pregnancy. Suaahara II builds upon the work done in Suaahara I with 1000-day mothers, using an integrated cross-sectoral approach. Suaahara II will cover all households in 40 of the 75 districts of Nepal. The program is led by Helen Keller International and managed with CARE, FHI360, Equal Access, Environment and Public Health Organization, Nepali Technical Assistance Group and Vijaya Development Resource Centre.

Suaahara II program brochure is an introductory document on Suaahara II program. The brochure includes information on Suaahara II’s goals, intervening communities, target groups, strategies and approaches and information about implementing partners. This brochure is targeted for donors, external developmnt partners, government stakeholders and organizations working on health and nutrition sector.

Source: Helen Keller International

Date of Publication: March 25, 2019