Kids against Malaria Videos

Kids Against Malaria uses music and film to reach out to the global population at risk from malaria. The project was inspired by a song written with students at the International Center of Art and Music at Ouidah (CIAMO) of Art & Music in Benin.

The song, a triumphant call to defeat malaria, motivated CIAMO cofounder Sarah duPont and filmmaker/musician Jon Fine to engage UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and 3 time Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo in the project. Together, they conceived a transmedia project for radio, TV and online to amplify the message of the song.

Kids Against Malaria was designed to cover a wide range of information about how malaria is transmitted and how to ensure protection. More than 50 people were involved in creating the project and over 100 students participated from CIAMO school of Art and music. Renowned musicians including CIAMO’s executive director Oscar Kidjo, Antibalas, Logozo, Gangbe Brass Band and filmmakers from the ISMA Film Program in Benin joined in alongside Kidjo and the students to make it a success.

Source: Kids Against Malaria

Date of Publication: August 16, 2021

Coronavirus Music Video

Africa Best Rappers (ABR) is a hip hop, trap and a fusion of R&B recording acts from Sierra Leone that have been producing countless hits with a range of topics such as love, hardcore rap and social commentaries that has to do with the daily lives of the Sierra Leone populace both home and abroad. The talented group has decided to bring to the people of Sierra Leone and beyond an awareness song on the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the globe.

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020

French Uke Handwashing Song

Playing an instrument in the classroom captures and captivates children’s interest and encourages joyful participation. Interacting with live music sparks improvisation, creativity and an access point for all learners. The ukulele is a fun, attention-grabbing tool to have on hand to compliment your program.

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020

Jealous Coronavirus Music Video

“‘Ghen Cô Vy’ is creation of the Vietnamese Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, in collaboration with musicians Khac Hung, Min, and Erik. Through this project, we aim to empower and strengthen trust in the community, so that we can join hands to combat COVID-19 (aka nCoV-2019). In this critical moment of fighting the virus, we hope the song will ignite our spirits and reduce stress for the frontline fighters of this war: the team of experts, physicians, health workers and millions of other workers who are in the frontline of exposure and daily struggle with this disease. Let our community take the initiative in implementing preventive habits as recommended by health experts, and let us spread goodness and kindness to win the disease together.”

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020