Baseline Study Findings: A Brief Overview

Date of Publication
This report of a study conducted in Ethiopia as part of the Communication for Health program, contains findings from a cross sectional survey covering six health areas that identified key behavioral determinants including three gateway behaviors (Early ANC, Family Health Guide & Hand washing Station), and Gender. The report provides estimates of health services uptake and health behaviors by rural women in Ethiopia

Key results were:

  • Significant regional variation was found across multiple health behaviors
  • Three gateway behaviors, defined as a behavior that can lead to the adoption of several healthy behaviors in the life cycle, were identified for immediate SBCC programming focus:
    1. Early antenatal care (ANC) registration (<12 weeks) 
    2. Having a family health guide (FHG) 
    3. Having a proper hand washing station 
  • Gender was a cross-cutting issue across all six health areas with the norms related to gender inequality adversely impacting several health behaviors
  • Media exposure is a key component to uptake of key health behaviors