Uganda Schistosomiasis Prevention Communication Campaign - Radio Monitoring Plan

Ministry of Health, Uganda

The Bilharzia/Schistosomiasis Prevention Communication Campaign was run in Uganda from 2017-2018.  It involved radio programs, jingles, and skits, community outreach, print materials, job aids, and other efforts.

This document describes the monitoring plan for the radio aspects of the campaign, run from August to December of 2017.

The purposes of the monitoring system were to:

  1. Ensure that radio programs, spots, skits and jingles are broadcast as scheduled.
  2. Track the number of callers and types of questions asked during call-in programs.
  3. Identify areas for improvement of radio programs (sponsored and expert hosted).

The monitoring system is described in this document by the types of radio programming – expert hosted radio call-in talk shows, sponsored programs, radio spots/jingles/skits.